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Nicole Brune

Nicole Brune is a former model and traditional pin-up artist working in graphite, digital, and oil paint. Her new and different take on characters really got the attention of fans that refer to her as “the next Olivia”. Over the years, the requests and commissions have steered her pin-up art towards comic, fantasy and sci-fi […]

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Arthur Suydam

ARTHUR “ZOMBIE KING “SUYDAM Is an award winning artist for The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Deadpool, Army of Darkness and much  more.  Suydam’s work for the smash hit series Marvel Zombies  prompted an international Pop-Culture zombie phenomenon.  Recent awards include: The Spike TV Scream Award (best writer, best artist, best comic of the year), the prestigious, Spectrum Gold Award […]

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Mike DeCarlo

Mike DeCarlo, artist for  DC Comics for books such as the Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Legion of SuperHeroes, Warlord and a long stint on Batman.  He also added Marvel Comics to his workload, spending time on Thor, Conan the Barbarian and Iron Man.  Mike has also had his foot in  Special Projects for Time/Warner, while moving […]

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Floyd Sumner

Robert “Floydman” Sumner is the imagination and pen behind Planet F Studios. As a self taught artist, he has been drawing and creating strange worlds for as long as he can remember. His unique style is influenced by many different artists from Neal Adams to Jack Davis with his preferred artistic arsenal including markers, airbrush […]

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Jeremy Colwell

Jeremy Colwell lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two sons. Formally trained as a fine arts painter, he enjoys using those skills in his life-long goal of working in comics. His coloring and inking have been printed by many indie and mainstream publishers, as well as included in various gallery shows. He […]

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Freddie Williams II

FREDDIE E WILLIAMS II In 2005, Freddie began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award winning series Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle. He’s probably best known for Writing & Illustrating the DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics, Drawing the HeMan / ThunderCats series, as well as Illustrating the New York Times Best Selling series […]

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